Coming Home Day 3. Louisiana to Texas!

5 04 2017

As I said, I have had to push. Most of the day was on 1-10 just getting through 1/2 of Texas. I love this state and all the history….Looks like oil is booming again, (lots of refineries expanding) and the towns look busy.

After passing through San Antonio (wishing I had some time to explore) and feeling sorry for myself, I got into my “zone”….George Straight on the iPod and the sound of the road….then it hit me, why I love to ride.

The Smells.

Over the last few days I have experienced, the salt and mist of the coastline, Fish guts and Diesel fuel from the ports, cut grass in the fields, flowers in bloom, feed lots, and the desert after a rain.  It is great to see, SMELL and feel the country from a Harley! God, I love it!

Now stopping for the night in Kerrville Texas was not arbatrary……I had to make my pilgrimage to what I consider the BEST BBQ on the Planet!

There is a reason that he was voted BEST TEXAS BBQ, by winning the BBQ Pitmasters.

From his Website:

Harold E. “Buzzie” Hughes has been cooking barbecue all his life. He used to do backyard barbecues, but 200 people showed up every time word got out Buzzie was cooking. In 1993, his wife, Brenda, finally said, “Enough is enough! Either you open a barbecue place or start collecting donations for these little gatherings. This is costing us a !#$&!* fortune!” Within five months, the old Comfort Grocery and Feed Store located in Comfort, Texas had taken on a completely new look. Buzzie renovated the old building and turned it into a clean, friendly atmosphere, featuring taste-bud-pleasing, homeboy barbecue, prepared over a mix of oak and mesquite wood, using spices that continue to remain a secret. Five years later, in January 1998, Buzzie expanded into Kerrville, Texas, in the heart of the Hill Country. His business grew along with his reputation. Buzzie remains committed to living up to the expectations of his customers. promise to provide quality food, at a reasonable price with service that is second to none.

My Intent is to bring some to Mr. Zip to show him what I mean.

b2DAMN, this is ART…..It may not make it to AZ!



Coming Home Day 2

5 04 2017

After the storms passed, I pushed off. Now I am a day behind…had to dump the original route and go to plan B….push for home.


Day 2  Dothan, Al to Lafayette, LA

It’s mostly 1-10 and I HATE Freeways but now time is a factor. I hadn’t been through New Orleans for Many Moons so I wanted to see it and look and see what it looked like post Katrina. For the most part it looked the same. ALOT of new building going on and some homes and neighborhoods you could see were not repaired and looking pretty bad. (I can’t believe its been 10 years…


I hit Bourbon Street and pushed on. I couldn’t bring myself to getting back on the Freeway so I veered off to see the swamps toward Houma, LA. Most of the freeways are elevated and you really travel through the swamps…hoped to see Troy Landry but guess he was busy. Going through the back streets of Houma, I spotted this……

How could I say NO? Gator, Boudin (My favorite), frog legs, Oysters…(Tried, but couldn’t finish ONE…) and a Crab Po Boy (YUM). Had to do take out but it didn’t go to waste.

Made it to Lafayette, around 7 PM and just crashed……

Coming Home

3 04 2017

The plan was to ride through the South on roads that I couldn’t get back to in the near future…


Work got in the way and I had to get the bike home. So after meetings in Little Rock and Memphis, I got to Atlanta to get the bike and ride it home. Now this was the PLAN as it was the only time I could do this.

Shoved off from the storage shed and checked the weather. Storms in LA and moving east along the coast…..Checked the weather and…..


Pushed to to the panhandle and got to Dothan Alabama for night.


So I pulled the bike under the entrance and watched the Weather Channel.. It passed over and DUMPED, 10′ of rain on the ground….Whew!


Shake Down Cruise…

3 04 2017

Now remember, everything we owned was stolen in the trailer. Coat, chaps, boots, bags, helmets etc. EVERYTHING. So I had to start from scratch to recreate my setup.

I had some business in Atlanta so after I finished I decided to make a “shakedown Cruise” to make sure the bike and the gear was up to my standards… Besides that, I couldn’t stand the fact that the bike had not been ridden.

Day one, get the bike and get everything on and tied down. Then take a small ride. and adjust.

Kennesaw Ga, to Chattanooga Tn.

Took my time to get going to make sure that everything was OK.

First Stop, Kennesaw Mountain battlefield.June 19, 1864 until July 2, 1864, opposing forces maneuvered and fought here as Sherman started his famous (or Infamous, depending on where your from) “March to the Sea.” After failing to capitalize on the Union Defeat at Chickamauga Tn. Union Rallied and pursued General Johnston’s Confederate Army to the outskirts of Atlanta. Sherman prevailed and began his destruction of the South and cut a path a path through the south all the way to the sea.

I pushed off and had to stop at Harley shops to pick up various items to complete the bike.

Chickamauga Battlefield. TN.

The next day, I toured the battlefield of Chickamauga.

The prize was Chattanooga, a key rail center and the gateway to the heart of the Confederacy. In September 1863 the Union Army of the Cumberland was routed at the Battle of Chickamauga and retreated into Chattanooga. Over the next two months Confederate forces besieged the trapped Union army. Finally, in late November 1863 the Union army won a series of battles around Chattanooga and drove the Confederates south into Georgia.

After the Battle of Chickamauga, a Confederate soldier ominously wrote, “This…is the death-knell of the Confederacy.”

The morning was COLD, but the views of the battlefield from the bike gave me a great perspective of the skirmishes and the flow of the battle that I could not have experienced from a car….Sounds, Smells and bite of cold air helped me feel what the soldiers might have felt….. it was humbling.

I begrudgingly left to push off to my next segment without visiting Lookout Mountain or Chattanooga.


I’ve heard a lot about the tale of the Dragon Ride. A lot of friends and told me that it had to be one of the best rides in the south. When we purchased Stacy’s bike in Tennessee they ranted and rave about what a great ride it was so I had to experience after myself.

I’ve heard stories and have seen the YouTube videos of crazy people running bikes off the road and accidents on the road. It confirmed to me that $30,000 and a Harley doesn’t make you a biker.

I wanted to avoid the fools so I left at the crack of dawn.

Lucky for me I had the entire road to myself. I was off the worst parts before the crowd started.

The cool thing was it was a great road. But I am little spoiled. The road from Oatman, Az, and the ride over the Alpine Loop in Utah, Zions and Bryce Canyon equally spectacular. I’m sure Summer minus The people this is one for books. It was a great ride and I enjoyed solitude.



Some other great images on my way to Atlanta.


1950’s Gas Station….can you see Wally and Goober working there?9


I made my way to Atlanta to store the bike until I could get back and bring her home.

I think this one will do fine.

I miss my wingman, Staci in my mirrors and at my side, would make this memorable.



3 04 2017

OK. Most said that “God does not want you to ride a bike…!” after the last two events, I started to wonder….but then I decided that “God must be testing me to see how bad  I LOVE riding bikes…!” After lots of soul searching, I decided to “just look” and see what is out there.

So with the latter in mind I started searching the interwebs to find a new bike. Wanted RED, 2016, Low Miles, One Owner and in a place that I could ride home and see some History and get my head straight…..Found one in Kennesaw Georgia. Next to the the Civil War Battle at Kennesaw Mountain. Sherman’s march to the Sea routes to ride, clean, one owner, low miles and under-valued.

DUNN DEAL. So the wife and I flew to Atlanta to take a look.



Yes , its the exact same bike I had before…. but I loved it and on the advice of my wife I made an offer and he accepted it….Rode it to Atlanta and put it in a storage shed so I could come back to ride it through the south, see some new roads and history and then bring it home.

WAHOO! I’m Baaaack!

A Bad Day in Black Rock (Tempe)

3 04 2017

Me n the wife riding through Bryce Canyon in the fall of 2015


My Wife and I have been leaving our Bikes in Arizona for years.

This year after May 2016….. Guy t-bones my trailer at 90 MPH…..both bikes and trailer Totaled…..

SO…We start over……just got both bikes dialed in and decided that this year, we would trailer them to AZ and leave them in a secured yard.Well lit, Video surveillance, Two Keyed Gates and live in managers….


Parked it for 2 weeks before Christmas and came down second week in January to check on the and to my surprise…….



Well we got some great video of the guy that stole him but the Tempe police have no leads…
This happened not 3 MILES from the place that the trailer got totaled the year before!


Don’t put your bikes in a trailer and DONT take them to TEMPE ARIZONA…..


Looking for another bike

What do you think?

3 08 2016

Before AND After….