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3 08 2016

Before AND After….



Route 66 Day 2

17 06 2016

This was an aggressive day with lots of stops. The temperatures was forecasted in at 105 degrees so I took off at 6 AM and was Glad I did. By 2 PM it was 105 and too hot to ride. I made it to just outside of Tulsa before I bagged it but it was an eventful day.

66MO 660 661

Wide open winding roads with NO traffic. Heaven!

Carthage Mo, was VERY cool. Stopped and talked to some locals and got a great tip for a diner for breakfast and two must see stops that were NOT on my map.

Boots Court motel was the best 66 hotel I have seen. Can’t you see the car in that garage and the family outside socializing?


Sign says: Radio in every room…..cart245 cart1 cart

Just outside of town was the Drive in theater….brought back some memories from my youth…. I have passed at least 5 abandoned drive-in theaters but this one is still showing movies….


Just outside of Baxter Kansas I stopped at the The Brush Creek Bridge. Saw another rider and he was flying a French flag on his bike. Stopped and chatted and he rented the bike from Eaglerider in Chicago and is taking 3 weeks to ride to Santa Monica….. pretty cool that Route 66 is an international sensation.



K0K2K4My New friend.

K1 K3


Totum just outside of Tulsa. Didn’t stop as it was undergoing repairs. It said that it was done by a famous local artist…..Did’nt see the art…


Just down the road was this bridge… don’t know why but it facinated me and I spent about an hour exploring it. (maybe cause it was in the shade by a cool stream and the road was HOT!)

BRidge 1 bridge 5 bridge2 bridge3


17 06 2016

I made this run last year about this time but I was in Rain from St Louis through Oklahoma…and missed a lot. So on this run I am going to recreate the parts I missed..

Leaving Wooded hills, lush vegetation and winding roads of Virginia, and the Carolinas was a let down to the flat farmland of Missouri. But I pushed on an joined route 66 at St Louis….

St lou

Did not stop at the arch as it was not part of the mother road but had to get a shot.

Made my way into Cuba Mo. and stayed at the Wagon Wheel Motel. Great spot that has been restored and the place was Packed with Route 66 Tourists. Glad I had a reservation. It was easy to go back in time to the glory days except for the Air Conditioning and the TV. I used the AC but did’nt use the TV to keep it real.

ww ww0 WW1 ww2 ww3

Each Bungalo was very nice, Clean and quiet




She let me park the bike under a patio to keep it out of the rain… The history of people who stayed there was all over the walls.ww5 ww6 ww7 ww8 ww9

This is a must stop place on the Route 66 Tour.

Here’s the plan…..

10 06 2016

Got to Charlotte, at the Harley Dealer 15 minutes before they opened, signed the papers, loaded the saddlebags, and pushed off to start my Journey home..

Here is the route.


First day was a bit of a blitz as I had to get out ahead of the storms. Still, North Carolina people are the BEST. Polite and very gracious. The country was beautiful and scenic.


Saddled up and ready to roll!

IMG_5563 IMG_5562

Coal conveyors sending the coal to processing. Lots of heavy equipment for sale and it looks like the heyday is over…IMG_5564

Country. I stopped and put my feet in this stream to cool off. IMG_5559 copy

Found a spot to take the backroad. Coal is king and these cars are full. The roads are full of coal dust and when I stop for the night, my face is black from the road and dust.Harlin2 Harlin 1

This is some amazing scenery. The people here are gracious and hospitable.

I want to come back here and just hit the backroads.



What about this one?

10 06 2016

So I have been searching for a new bike (or at least a used similar to what I had and in the budget of what I got for the insurance.) and I found one in Charlotte NC. Was going to get the same color that I had before and rebuild to what I had on my old bike. Well, that WAS the plan until I saw this one…..2016 Streetglide Special…Had to have it so I am going to Fly to NC and ride it home……a new adventure!

A Bad day for sure….

10 06 2016

I loved my Haulmark Lowhauler trailer. I ALSO loved both of our bikes….. some great memories.

1 9.16.34 AM


1 2 3

The bikes were in Arizona where we keep them for the long winter months to Ride. The plan was to bring them home and continue riding through the summer.


Well a jackass speeding through an intersection changed that in a nanosecond……







So the what do you do? the options were to take the insurance money and find another hobby…….Not going to happen….So

Found a 2008 105th anniversary Heritage softail similar to Staci’s in Tennessee so we flew in and are shipping it home….



Now, to find me a bike……Stay tuned.


Hitting the Road…(it’s ABOUT TIME!)

26 09 2013

I have been slammed with projects and work and have only had time to ride around town and small day outings. I’m not complaining, riding is riding. BUT, I feel the NEED for a long road trip to new locations.
Route 66 has been calling me as I have started the ride from Santa Monica to Albuquerque NM. but have been waiting for the time that I can continue the route east as far as I can…
I have business in Dallas and Houston next month and it dawned on me, “why not ride”?
SOOO, I have checked the weather, packed the bike and will push of Monday.
Here is the route:

All told, I plan on getting in about 2000 miles and then leave my bike in Austin, TX and ride the Hill Country and take in some BBQ before I ride to Az sometime after the weather turns.
Keep watching as I will post from the road.